Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy in Monroe and Waxhaw


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Through the assessment of these pattern, our therapists are able to identify limitations and asymmetries that can create...

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The Physical Therapy Center

Is your medical condition limiting your ability to function while working, playing, or simply living? The Physical Therapy Center is here to help you. We offer state of the art sports medicine and physical therapy. Our goal is to help you relieve pain, shorten recovery time, and regain full functionality. If you are looking for a physical therapist in Monroe or Waxhaw, our staff will customize a recovery program that is tailored to your need.

Sports medicine and physical therapy in Monroe or Waxhaw will help to relieve your pain, increase mobility, and improve function. Before undergoing a surgical procedure, consider physical therapy as an option, many of our patients have avoided surgery altogether. At least, it will enhance your chances of a positive outcome if surgery is needed.

At The Physical Therapy Center, we offer restorative exercises that will help to shorten your recovery time. Our physical therapy in Waxhaw or Monroe is focused on developing your strength, enhancing your flexibility, improving posture, coordination and balance.


In a busy world, our staff will take the time to listen and understand your pain.


We will use our highly trained hands to assess and treat your pain and promote your healing.


Knowledge is the key, you will be taught from Day 1 how to manage your pain and avoid re-injury.

What patients say about Physical Therapy Center

  • "My name is Rachel and I have had migraines since I was 13 years old. I was seen by a pediatric neurologist with a little relief after going through many rounds of preventative medications to stop my migraines before they started, Once I turned, 18 I had to be referred to an adult neurologist, who prescribed Botox for my migraines. I was still experiencing some pain and migraines, so I was referred to the Physical Therapy Center. After two weeks of treatments, I didn't have any migraines. I had one brief headache, but the severity was remarkably less. I was having about three headaches per week. I highly recommend the PT center. Their staff is knowledgeable and skilled and compassionate and cares about their patients' well being."

  • “Feels like home. Not enough room to express all the good things!”

  • “When I first came here I was handicapped, now, especially now, I am a new man.”

  • “Staff is caring, professional, and thorough; I'm leaving with the tools to help me continue progressing... this is a very special place”

  • “You all have been great. You've helped me tremendously and even tolerated my sense of humor. I'll always be grateful.”

  • “I have DODGED SURGERY.”

  • “I have been exceedingly satisfied with my experience here. The entire staff has been great. I have felt concern from the team... and have recommended the facility to friends. You guys are great.”

  • “Very professional and upbeat.”

  • “I am very thankful to have been in this facility... I have found a new life!”

  • “Great job! This was a great experience. God Bless to all of you.”

  • “Todd, Mike, Zack, Brian & Office Girls – Enjoyed my therapy & getting to know you all – all good people who are good at their jobs & are honest with you.”